Save Your VI Launches New Website

The campaign Save Your VI, which promotes awareness of Title VI protections for students, has launched a new website. Title VI requires schools to provide an environment for students free from discrimination or harassment based on race, color, or national origin. The local group Saturday Morning Coffee is working to challenge Trump's agenda of de-funding civil rights protections in school.


Rapid Response Legal Observer Training

Community Action Coalition is training residents to be part of a rapid response network for responding to deportations. Residents will call a North Bay Organizing Project hotline when they are threatened by ICE. We need legal observers who can physically show up to these ICE raids and document ICE's actions. Your help may prevent deportations.

When: Tuesday July 18th, 6pm-7:30pm

Where: 467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Meeting with Jay Foxworthy

Community Action Coalition is meeting with Jay Foxworthy, San Francisco sheriff's deputy and candidate for Sonoma County Sheriff in the 2018 election for Sheriff.

Meeting open to the public.

When: Tuesday July 11th 6-8pm

Where: 467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Housing for Humanity Art Build

Community Action Coalition is making banners in support of Tiny Houses for Humanity. Feel free to bring supplies and help us make art.

When: June 14th, 4-6pm

Where: 467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Meeting with John Mutz

Community Action Coalition is meeting with Sonoma County Sheriff candidate John Mutz. Meeting open to the public.

When: Tuesday July 25th, 6pm-8pm

Where: 467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Legal Observer Training for ICE Rapid Response Network

North Bay Organizing Project is hosting a legal observer training on June 24th. Legal observers will be trained to respond to a 24-hour hotline, which community members can call to report ICE activity and other threats to the community.

When: June 24th, 1pm-3pm

Where: 547 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Tiny Houses for Humanity

Tiny Houses for Humanity (TH4H) is taking on the affordable housing crisis in Sonoma County by developing tiny, affordable houses. River King, a Sonoma County homeless advocate has partnered with Jay Shafer, a pioneer of the Tiny House Movement, to take on the Bay Area's lack of affordable housing. They are looking to reach $125,000 in donations by July 13th. Learn how to donate and support their cause.


Dump Trump's Sheriff: Kickoff Event

Community Action Coalition is kicking off its campaign to recall Sheriff Freitas at the Wednesday Night Market. We begin by marching through the market with signs and end with a signature-gathering. Bring signs.

Date and Time: Wednesday May 17th, 2017 at 5pm

Location: Old Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa